Opelika boy falls from parent's moving vehicle

Opelika child hospitalized Tuesday after falling from moving vehicle

. - A 5-year old Opelika boy is at Egleston Hospital in Atlanta with serious injuries after apparently falling from his parent's moving vehicle.
Opelika police were called to the parking lot of West Forest Intermediate school on Waverly Parkway around 5:20 p.m. on Tuesday.

When police arrived they found the little boy in the parking lot, having been seriously injured in a fall from his parent's moving vehicle. Captain Bobby Kilgore explains how police believe the incident occurred.

"The parent was pulling into the school, picking up an older sibling from an after school activity. At this time it appears the child un-buckled the seatbelt and got out to try and leave the vehicle.  He did leave the moving vehicle and fell to the pavement," explained Captain Bobby Kilgore with the Opelika Police Dept.

Opelika police say it appears the 5-year old boy was not in a booster seat or a car seat, but in a regular seatbelt in the back seat of the vehicle. The accident remains under investigation. Police can't say how fast the vehicle was traveling at this time.

They do say the child's injuries were a result of falling to the pavement and it does not appear the child was struck by the vehicle after he fell. At this point, charges have not been filed.
The child was flown to Midtown Medical Center, then flown to Egleston in Atlanta. We know his injuries are serious. However, police do not have his current condition.
Opelika police want to remind parents to please activate child safety locks on your vehicle and always make sure your child stays buckled in a proper child restraint, like a car seat or booster.

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