Firefighters visit students during National Fire Prevention Month

Firefighters visit students during National Fire Prevention Month

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One Columbus elementary school had a fun and educational visit from firefighters on Friday, as the Columbus Fire and EMS Department tours Muscogee County Schools during National Fire Prevention Month in October.

First responders say the most vulnerable groups when it comes to fire survival is kids and the elderly, which is why they are making their rounds with engaging equipment and lessons.

Friday's stop at Downtown Magnet Academy showed students how to stay safe at home and in school, along with how to evacuate, and the tools firefighters use during emergencies. A major reminder officials had for students was to get out of the building during a fire, instead of hiding which children sometimes do during fires.

Firefighters and paramedics say keeping kids engaged with hands-on activities can help them retain the safety information and possibly save their lives.

"We do try to make it fun for the kids, to remember it more. We also work with the teachers after we leave, in providing educational material to these children, so they don't just get fire education while we are here," said Columbus Fire Marshal Ricky Shores.

The first responders warned children about possible fire hazards in different rooms of a house, like a living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Another important reminder for your children and family is to know two exits to your home, school, or place of work.

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