Feel Good Friday: This week's uplifting stories for Oct. 21

Feel Good Friday: This week's uplifting stories for Oct. 21

(WTVM) - People often say the news is depressing, and there's never anything positive being reported.

Well, we'd have to disagree.

While we often cover many tragic cases, we also share many stories of ordinary people spreading hope and happiness throughout their community.

Throughout the week, we'll compile a list of uplifting or positive stories and share them on Friday.

Take a look at these feel-good stories from earlier this week:

2. A 7-year-old in Florida was able to become a Jedi knight thanks to Make A Wish.

3. In Iowa, a young runner helped an opponent with epilepsy and autism cross the finish line.

5. On Tuesday, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter made a surprise visit to the Chick-fil-A on Wynnton Road in Columbus for lunch - and he even posed for a picture! 

6. If you're feeling down, just know that our northern neighbor Canada still thinks we're pretty great. 

7. Local breast cancer survivors were celebrated and treated to a Girls Night Out on Tuesday. 

8 A Texas woman showed that her chemotherapy treatments won't stop her from dancing. 

9. Lee Scott Academy students raised money in memory of former Glenwood coach Flint Sharpe, who was killed in a car wreck last month and presented the donation to his family. 

If you know of any positive events happening in our community you'd like us to cover, email us and we'll pass the information on to the newsroom.

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