AHS students get homecoming surprise, invitation to NASCAR race from Kyle Busch

Auburn High School students get homecoming surprise

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - At WTVM, we love sharing inspiring news stories with our viewers.

We really enjoy it when the stories go viral and lead to one good deed after another.

The couple went to the dance this weekend after learning about some major surprises.

Millions of you have watched, commented and shared our story on the special friendship between these Auburn High School students.

NASCAR superstar Kyle Bush, the inspiration behind Taylor's dance proposal, and his wife loved the story too.

Homecomings are already special enough – the perfect flowers, cameras flashing, capturing the smiling couple in a beautiful dress, handsome suit and bow-tie.

For Holman Head, the night was truly magical. His first ever school dance began with an unforgettable homecoming proposal from his childhood friend, Taylor Johnson.

Taylor dressed up as Holman's favorite NASCAR Driver, number 18 Kyle Busch and asked him to "race to homecoming."

"I wanted to take Holman because he is my best friend, and I knew we would have a great time together," Taylor said.

WTVM's story of this beautiful friendship exploded over social media and captured millions of hearts, including Holman's idol Kyle Busch, who surprised the couple the night of the dance.

"Hey Taylor and Holman, Kyle Busch here," Busch says in the video. "I hear that tonight is your homecoming dance. I also hear that Holman is a pretty big fan so I want to say I appreciate that. We are going to send you a number 18 Toyota Camry to take you to the homecoming dance. I also think that since we'll be racing in Talladega in a couple of weeks, you should come out and join us for the race weekend."

Seeing the bright green Interstate Battery Car pull up had Holman dancing in his front yard and giving out hugs to everyone, and the joy was contagious.
Kyle Busch made an amazing night even better.

"Just thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making their dreams come true," said Taylor's mom Jodi Hansel.

"We are just so grateful," said Holman's mom Amy. "This truly is a story of a very special friendship and just as one person's precious heart act of kindness has created another and another."

First it was homecoming with is beautiful best friend, then an amazing car to race to homecoming, and next weekend Talladega as Kyle Busch's special guest.

Holman is ready for the next adventure as long as Taylor his by his side.

Kyle Busch and his racing team have a lot of surprises in store for Taylor, Holman and their families. WTVM will be there to show you Holman meeting Kyle in person.

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