Muscogee Co. School Board approves expense for Jordan High autism program

Board members approve program to help students with autism

Columbus, GA (WTVM) - ?Board members with the Muscogee County School District voted to approve several items on its agenda Monday afternoon.

Among those approvals is the first step in creating a program for students with autism at Columbus' Jordan High School.

Board members said this project is still in its early stages.

Still, Monday's vote approved a budget of $70,000 to take care of furniture, fixtures and equipment expenses (FF&E) which will be installed in a space inside Jordan High School.

Dr. David Lewis, the board's superintendent, said these funds for the autism program come from a Special Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) which citizens voted for back in 2015.

Lewis said this program is targeted specifically to students who may benefit from certain learning techniques.

The program, according to Lewis, would afford the educational opportunity for high school students who have been diagnosed with autism.

"That's not assuming all who have autism would be there," Lewis said. "But only the ones who are better served possibly through the Marcus classroom, and the training provided by those professional teachers and so on."

Lewis said the way the program's designed, the district will accommodate 40-45 students inside that new space at Jordan High.

This expense approval is only the first step in building autism programs using those SPLOST funds.

The board looks to set up similar spaces at an elementary and middle school in Muscogee County for students who would most benefit from the program.

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