Attorneys: Witnesses to Columbus student school attack did not assist child

Attorneys: Witnesses to Columbus student school attack did not assist child

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Attorneys for a 13-year-old boy whose leg was amputated after an altercation at a Columbus alternative school said at least three or more adults witnessed the incident and failed to render aid or get medical assistance.

The law firm representing Montravious Thomas' family claim that Bryant Mosley, listed as a behavioral specialist at AIM/Edgewood Student Services Center, slammed him into the floor on his first day of school on Monday, Sept. 12.

Thomas sustained injuries to his right leg during the incident. His mother says the doctors at Egleston Hospital in Atlanta did all they could to save her son's right leg, but because his injuries were so severe, his leg was amputated below the knee on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

"We recently obtained the available Columbus Police Department incident report and as our client initially told us, there was an assistant principal in the room by the name of Eddie Powell," stated Attorney Renee Tucker of Forrest B. Johnson and Associates. "There were two witnesses in that incident report identified as Phyllis Fox and Zehra Malone. We don't know the exact relationship with them but we would presume that they do have some affiliation by virtue of employment or an agency with the Muscogee County School District." 

Tucker and Attorney Forrest B. Johnson also said the adults who saw the incident or saw that their client was hurt after being body slammed repeatedly to the floor allegedly by Mosley should be also held responsible.

"There is absolutely no excuse for what happened to this child given the number of adults in that room-- what's even more difficult for me to understand or comprehend is the fact that the child told them he was injured and they did absolutely nothing to help the child," Johnson said.

In addition to Johnson's claims about the adults, the legal case is back to square one now that Thomas has lost his leg following four surgeries.

"We had initially asked for $5 million when his leg was injured but now that his leg has been amputated, that amount will exceed that number," Johnson said. 

The firm is in the process of determining expenses for Thomas' prostheses that he will need, not just for now but for when he grows and psychology counseling along with pain and suffering.

Johnson anticipates a lawsuit being filed in the case in 30 days.

The Muscogee County School District is also conducting its own investigation.

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