CPD officer saved by bulletproof vest in recent shooting

CPD officer saved by bulletproof vest in recent shooting

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A bulletproof vest helped save the life of Columbus police officer this past Friday after a burglary suspect shot him. 

It was just a few days ago officer Joshua McQuien went to work like a normal day. He responded to a burglary call on Hilton Avenue, then suddenly he was shot and injured.

The patrol officer with CPD was wearing a bulletproof vest, and police say the bullet wasn't able to penetrate the vest. McQuien was shot in the left shoulder and is back home, expected to make a full recovery.

Major J.D. Hawk says the vest the officer was wearing is inside a carrier which looks just like a police uniform.

"Because Officer McQuien's vest being damaged the manufacturer came into town Monday, remeasured him for a brand new vest and hopefully it will be here soon," Maj. Hawk said.

The vest and the carriers are custom fitted for all officers to wear. Maj. Hawk says it's also mandatory for all officers with the department to wear their vest when in police uniform in public.

About 80 percent of the patrolman on the street now uses the vest and carriers on the outside of their uniforms.

As for the man accused of shooting the Columbus Police Officer, suspect Daniel Crisp is expected back in court this week.

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