PHOTO: Do you see shiny legs or legs with white paint?

PHOTO: Do you see shiny legs or legs with white paint?

(WTVM) - A photo taken by one Instagram user in England is bending minds across the internet: are these shiny, oily legs or are they legs with white paint on them?

Instagram user Hunter Culverhouse posted a photo of their legs with no description on Oct. 23 - the rest is viral photo history.

Many on the internet see one thing or the other, but the photo has been shared thousands of times.

The social media debate is likened to the great "what color is this dress" debate of 2015.

SPOILER ALERT: Culverhouse says that the photo is of their legs with paint on them - as seen in the photo. The photo was taken after they finished their art homework.

The 14-year-old says it's "kinda crazy and it's pretty cool" to see their photo going viral. The internet debate also prompted Culverhouse to made an addendum to her Instagram profile description: "My legs went viral - I promise it's paint."

Which do you see: Shiny legs or legs with white paint - take our poll here

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