Twitter responds after spirited pitbull gets no love on Halloween

Twitter responds after spirited pitbull gets no love on Halloween

(WTVM) - Meet Dublin the pit bull - the internet's latest adorable dog and a story almost as sad as PawPaw's burgers (remember that one?).

William, a college student in Massachusettes, was excited to see his dog, Dublin, in the Halloween spirit Monday. The adorable blue-nosed pit bull was dressed as a four-legged devil.

But Dublin was not received well - William said his dog, who is currently staying with his mother, appeared to scare the visiting kids.

"My dogs been greeting trick or treaters all night and they are scared to pet him and he's so sad," William tweeted on Halloween.

William also tweeted that his mom sent him additional pictures of Dublin showing his excitement before and after trick-or-treaters. He also tweeted a photo of Dublin's eyes, and it appeared that he was crying.

William's tweets got a lot of attention - with people tweeting photos of their pit bulls in solidarity. Others also offered to pet Dublin themselves.

He later tweeted that his mom asked little ghouls and goblins to pet Dublin before getting their treats.

"Just to update you guys I FaceTimed my dog and kids pet him cause my aunt told kids they had to to get candy," William tweeted.

William says that Dublin is a really sweet dog and just really loves cuddles and attention.

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