Election time brings on stress, other problems

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – After the election, many voters may have anxiety or feel stressed from the long process.

Some psychologists believe presidential elections can be emotionally exhausting, saying the more engaged a person is with the election the more likely they are to become fatigued, anxious or depressed.

Thomas Waynick of the Pastoral Institute in Columbus says this election is unlike any other he's seen in his lifetime.

Waynick says the election can raise people's anxiety and doubts that they have depending what side of the fence they are on.

"If you already have stress in your life and you are glued to the TV and absorbing the stress around the election. It's probably not helpful. I don't see anybody coming in specifically because of election stress, but it might be one of the stressors that push them over the top if their candidate doesn't win," Waynick says.

Waynick also says social media and watching the news about the election can cause anxiety leading up to November 8.

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