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Canadian immigration website crashes during US presidential election

(Source: Canada Immigration website) (Source: Canada Immigration website)

(WTVM) - The 2016 presidential election has put a strain on many people - including the people running the Canadian immigration website

According to multiple news outlets late Tuesday, Canada's website for future citizens crashed around 9 p.m. Tuesday, according to the website Business Insider

Many people on social media said they have looked on the website to see what it would take to apply for Canadian citizenship. 

As of midnight Wednesday, the website was restored. 

But the CIC is taking the surge in interest to our northern neighbors in stride. 

"It’s a classic motif of U.S. elections, that ‘if candidate X wins, I’m moving to Canada!’ Of course, most people who have uttered these words over the years have not followed through on their words," they wrote on their website. 

The CIC also included information about immigration and citizenship. If you're interested in becoming a Canadian, you can click here

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