Where is this smoke coming from in east Alabama, west Georgia?

Wildfires raising health concerns
(Source: Active Fire Maps screenshot)
(Source: Active Fire Maps screenshot)

(WTVM) - There is a lot of smoke in our area - and all of us in the Chattahoochee Valley are wondering what's happening.

Viewers in east Alabama and west Georgia have been noticing smoke in the sky.

Here are the two possible reasons you see smoke RIGHT NOW:

  • The wildfires in north Georgia and southern Tennessee: Major wildfires are burning north of the Chattahoochee Valley and winds could be forcing the winds to its south and west. The smoke from the wildfires is what's causing the usually stunning Atlanta skyline to be nearly invisible.
  • There are three controlled fires currently burning at Fort Benning. The fires are contained at this time and are being used for training. Fort Benning's Public Affairs Office says there has been at least one fire each day this month. CAUSE OF SMOKE: Falling leaves and increased winds are causing some of the smoke to spread, but the PAO says the impact on Columbus and the surrounding areas isn't that bad.

The Georgia Forestry Commission says they are deploying aircraft to further assess the situation, but believe that for the five county area of Muscogee, Harris, Troup, Meriwether and Chattahoochee counties, that the smoke in these areas is from Fort Benning.

The National Weather Service says that smoke from the wildfires in north Georgia and western North Carolina will continue to push southward across north and portions of central Georgia.

There is also a woods fire east of Opelika that's causing smoke in the area.

Alabama is currently under a statewide burn ban.

To view a map of active wildfires in the southeast click here. For Alabama wildfires, click here.

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