WTVM Editorial 11/11/16: Salute veterans year round

WTVM Editorial 11/11/16: Salute veterans year round

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's time once again to salute our veterans for everything they have done for us in past combat, current deployments, as reservists, retired, or just having served in the many support and technical capacities that make our military the greatest on earth.

Veterans Day was established at the end of World War I in recognition of the sacrifices made by that generation of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen.

Add to that another World War, the Vietnam War, and the recent battles in the middle east against ISIS and we can see the value of our veterans will never be diminished. In fact, we owe them more now than ever.

Since our world is not a peaceful world and war will continue to be waged around the globe, Veterans Day will continue to be relevant for many generations to come.

So let us never forget those who have served and who have paid the price, living or dead, to enable us to live free and pursue our life, liberty, and happiness as U.S. citizens.

Instead of letting Veterans Day pass on the calendar like so many other national holidays – give thought as to how you can show your appreciation for veterans throughout the year.

If you know a veteran - reach out to him or her and thank them for all they did on behalf of this nation. Thank them for serving and then thank their families for supporting their service here at home.

If you don't know a veteran, say a prayer for them and their families.

Those simple acts can show our veterans we appreciate them every day of the year.


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