WTVM Editorial 11/11/16: Must vote to be heard

WTVM Editorial 11/11/16: Must vote to be heard

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Professional political analysts were taken by surprise when Donald Trump won more than the required 270 electoral college votes to become the president-elect.

Perhaps not so surprising were the angry protests that sprang up in big cities by groups shocked at Trump's victory.

It would be fascinating to find out how many in these vocal crowds actually voted on Nov. 8.

When all the votes were counted 46.9 percent of eligible voters did not go to the polls to have their say.

The 53.1 percent who did vote is a fairly typical turnout for presidential elections. Unless eligible voters are willing to do the responsible thing and register to vote, they can't be heard.

It's unfortunate that the protestors -- who have the precious freedom to speak out in our democratic republic - react with bitterness to the peaceful, public, open, and free system of voting.

Americans for more than two and a half centuries have accepted the results on election night, even when they vehemently disagree with the winning candidate.

The loudest protests won't change the proper transition to a new government outlined by America's founders.

President Obama's famous quote after he won the election is still relevant today.

He said "elections have consequences," which is another way of saying the votes are in and it's time for those who lost, or who never voted when it mattered to realize it's time to move on.


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