Health with Dr. Paula: Nov. 15 marks 'National Healthy Lunch Day'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Tuesday, Nov. 15 marks National Healthy Lunch Day and 66 percent of working Americans buy their lunch instead of packing it.

However, for every meal eaten away from home, it translates around two extra pounds of body weight each year.

Four components of a healthy lunch include protein, vegetables, fruits and a calorie-free beverage.

If you decide to eat out for lunch, here are some tips for eating healthy at restaurants:

  • Choose restaurants with healthier menu options and order these dishes
  • Try vegetarian options e.g. grilled vegetable panini; wrap with fresh vegetables and hummus
  • Opt for fish/chicken that is grilled (rather than fried)
  • Opt for salad, steamed fresh vegetables, fresh fruit or low-fat yogurt as side dishes
  • Order a salad with dressing on the side; use a vinaigrette/olive oil + vinegar
  • Choose sugar-free drinks
  • Eat smaller portions

By packing your own lunch every day, you can save up to $2,500 a year.

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