CSU professor invents 'smart' mailbox with webcam and sensor

CSU professor invents 'smart' mailbox

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A CSU professor has come up with an idea to make postal delivery "smarter."

Professor Lydia Ray's prototype smart mailbox contains a sensor and webcam. The sensor could alert your phone when a package arrives while the webcam is used as security against theft.

It is a self-locking mailbox that could someday flag down delivery drones and intelligently screen driveways for intruders.

Ray's prototype aims to achieve two goals: clearly marking addresses for delivery vehicles, and reducing the energy and data storage costs of home surveillance systems.

"Many physical objects that we use in our daily lives will be connected to the internet. We will be communicating with not just the mailbox, but many other things," said Lydia Ray, the Associate Professor of CSU's Computer Science.

Ray says she came up with the idea after always not receiving packages at her home because her address was on the pavement and not the mailbox.

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