SPECIAL REPORT: Second Severe Weather Season

SPECIAL REPORT: Second Severe Weather Season

(WTVM) - With excessive drought conditions and raging wildfires plaguing the Southeast, it's hard to picture a day of rain, much less thunderstorms.

But as we approach the holidays the rise in tornado occurrences is evident.

As a resident of Alabama or Georgia, there's no surprise that springtime means severe weather.

However, did you know we're in what is considered our "second severe weather season?" Let's look at the numbers.

By a long shot, March and April see the most tornados around here, but after the quiet summer months November and December see another increase in tornado numbers.

Now, with turkey, dressing and holiday shopping easily filling your thoughts this time of year, you'll want to listen to these three things that could keep you from being caught off guard if severe weather strikes.

First, you'll need multiple ways to get weather information.

One way is with the WTVM Weather mobile app, which is free to download. The best way to ensure you're alerted of watches and warnings to turn on the 'weather alerts' in settings. You can set the alerts for your specific location.

Another way is to purchase a NOAA weather radio. Both deliver lifesaving information with loud alarms.

If you're traveling during the holidays, know the route your taking and the counties you drive through as watches and warnings are county based.

Are you wondering how often Christmas time severe weather is? Well here's chief meteorologist Derek Kinkade.

"Alabama is #1 and Georgia is #8 on the list of states with most Christmas week tornadoes," said Chief Meteorologist Derek Kinkade.  

Lastly, with kids being home from school and out-of-town visitors staying the night, it's a good idea to make sure everyone knows the safest place to go during a tornado.

It's an interior room, in the lowest floor of your house, away from windows. If you're in a mobile home, get out and go to a sturdier building nearby.

So, prepare now. Download our free app to always have the forecast wherever you are and to get the latest severe weather updates. It could be life-saving.

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