WTVM Editorial 11/18/16: Mannequins for a cause

WTVM Editorial 11/18/16: Mannequins for a cause

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – It's not even a couple of months old. But the Mannequin Challenge is the new viral video sensation that's been done by pro sports teams, schools, and even Hillary Clinton on her campaign plane.

Most of the Mannequin Challenge videos exist as a way to top any previous attempt with greater and more elaborate challenges to stay perfectly still.

It all started at a Jacksonville, FL high school just last October and is quickly being imitated everywhere.

Even our staff here at News Leader 9 did a version OF OUR OWN...but we're proud to say ours has a purpose a little higher than mere entertainment.

Our version of the Mannequin Challenge has a message, promoting and supporting our annual food drive partnership with Feed the Valley, the region's largest food bank.

We call our project "Share Your Thanks by Giving and our client partner Walmart Neighborhood Markets provide a convenient place for you to drop off your donations of non-perishable food this Thanksgiving week.

We hope the video is a good use of social media to spread this worthwhile message. But that's not all we need to do.

Too many of our neighbors go hungry and all of us can and should lend a hand to help. We will continue to report on the need for food donations and share news stories of the good work done by Feed the Valley to bridge the food gap many families experience every day of the year.

And if our Mannequin Challenge video helps gets the message out in a different way, to a wider audience, we think it was worth the effort.


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