"Dangerous toy" list can cause problems for kids

"Dangerous toy" list can cause problems for kids
(Source: Irisha Jones/WTVM)
(Source: Irisha Jones/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Holiday sales on some of the most wanted items have already started, including toys that are not always safe for your children.

Even though the slim ball launcher is meant to hit other objects, local vision expert says it still can make contact with the eye and cause problems.

While a lot of toys can cause some type of injury to your kids, an optometrist in Columbus in concerned about one toy, in particular, making the list.

"Good housekeeping has it on their list of most dangerous toys for the 2016 holiday season. I think it's number three on that list," said Patrick Stow.

Optometrist Patrick Stow at West Georgia Eye Care Center says if the toy isn't used correctly, the "slime ball launcher" can cause serious eye injuries.

"If you have really significant trauma to the eye, you can have long-term side effects such as some form of glaucoma and cataracts formation, " said Stow.

The toy is similar to a slingshot and is sold with bright green "slimeballs" as ammunition, which can shoot out over 30 feet.

"The orbit doesn't take the brunt of the force, the eyeball itself does. That's what's so dangerous-- items that are a little bit softer," said Stow.

It's important for parents to help their kids follow the safety guidelines.

The warning on the toy says to never shoot at any person or animal and to wear proper eye protections.

Stow says more than 40 percent of sports-related eye injuries happen to kids.

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