Feel Good Friday: This week's uplifting stories for Nov. 25

(WTVM) - People often say the news is depressing, and there's never anything positive being reported.

Well, we'd have to disagree.

While we often cover many tragic cases, we also share many stories of ordinary people spreading hope and happiness throughout their community.

Throughout the week, we'll compile a list of uplifting or positive stories and share them on Friday.

Take a look at these feel-good stories from earlier this week:

1. Miss Columbus 2016 and Miss Outstanding Teen Columbus stopped by Girls Inc. to talk about how the organization helped shape them into the people they are today.

2. Auburn University is doing their part to reduce the environmental impact tailgaters can cause.

3. Columbus native and Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell is helping his home church give back this holiday season.

4. Doctors say the twin boys who were born joined at their heads are doing well after their separation.

5. Winn Dixie and their parent company recently raised more than $280,000 to donate to Hope for the Warriors. 

6. An Alabama teen gave up his senior year to be with his brother as he battled cancer - thankfully, this story has a happy ending.

7. The survivor of a horrific car crash is asking the doctor who saved her to be in her senior pictures.

8. A Columbus family who lost their parents in a house fire last Thanksgiving is looking to give back to victims who've also lost their homes in any recent fires.

9. An Albany, GA couple tied the knot on Thanksgiving in the same place where they reconnected and started dating - and it's not just any venue! 

11. A little boy named "Billy" called 911 Thanksgiving afternoon to invite staff and deputies to share Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

If you know of any positive events happening in our community you'd like us to cover, email us and we'll pass the information on to the newsroom.

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