Beauregard hopes to make history in Super 7

Beauregard hopes to make history in Super 7

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - It's been a season of history for the Beauregard Hornets. They've won 12 games and earned a berth in the state championship game for the first time ever.

"Right now, it's so surreal,"head coach Rob Carter said. "There's just so many words to describe it, it's hard to tell you what my feelings are like."

" I always thought about it,"junior quarterback Jaichis Holmes said. "Now that it's coming true… I'm happy."

"I just want to keep making history," lineman Heath Greenlee said. "We won 3rd round and 4thround, now we want to win the whole thing."

Until this year, they'd never made it past the 3rd round. Good defense and touchdowns from guys like Holmes and running back LaDamian Webb got them this far. Their closest win this postseason was by 20 points.

"As a coaching staff we all came together and said we have something special here," Carter said. "We've got to make sure we don't leave one stone unturned and get these guys an opportunity to make it to the championship."

Forget the nerves that come with playing in a big time game. This team's eager to get to Thursday's kickoff.

"It's like a duck on a pond," Holmes said. "You're chill, but you're really ready."

As they take the field on which so many college legends have performed, emotions may be overwhelming for the kids and their coach.

"I might cry because it's always been a dream for me to play in the state championship," Holmes said. 

"I'm excited," Carter said. "You''ll see hopefully Thursday night afterward. I might collapse."

They've made school history twice already. Once more and it earns them a championship ring.

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