East AL family regroups after severe weather tears trees, damages home

East AL family groups after severe weather tears trees, damages home

Lee County, AL (WTVM) -  Deadly tornadoes uprooted hundreds of trees in Lee County, leaving some people to pick up the pieces after damaging homes and buildings. 

With the worst of the weather behind them, one local family said they feel lucky to have survived this tornado.

Debris was littered all over parts of Lee County Road 453, as trees flew and fell onto the Sosebee family's backyard.

Their daughter Sara said she heard the first signs of the whipping rain and strong winds inside her home.

"All of a sudden, it started getting a little heavier and I thought it was hailing," Sara said. "Then it sounded like a freight train just going through the house and I heard the windows bust."

Her mom Julie came home to find more trees uprooted, and her power lines cut - telltale clues, she said, of what roared through northern Lee County.

"As I came down the road, I noticed that it was not just a tree that fell - we had a tornado," Julie said.

Crews from the power company came by later in the afternoon to look at the damage. The scene reminded Julie of what she saw after Hurricane Opal moved past the area in 1995.

"That was not a good night either," Julie said.  "I was actually home alone with the two kids...yeah, that was the first thing I thought of, was, 'I haven't seen this since Opal came through.'"

The Sosebees weren't the only ones left without any power.

Representatives from Alabama Power have confirmed a total of 250 outages in Lee, Chambers and Barbour counties. 

The power company could not tell the Sosebees when exactly they'll get power back on. the only thing left to do, they said, is clean up the mess left behind.

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