Callaway Cavaliers prepare to take on Benedictine

(WTVM) - The Callaway Cavaliers are two steps away from a state title – they're in the final four, getting ready to face Benedictine in the 2A State Semifinals...

Getting there took some doing, with a play they say sums up this team's determination to win.

"I'm just focused, you know, execute," said senior wide receiver Braylon Sanders. "Our coaches gave us a play and we just went out there and executed very well and we got it."

"It was crazy, yessir, it was crazy, but it proves we never give up," said senior quarterback Dylan Johnson. "The whole team has the same mindset and we play together."

"We're always ready to fight," said senior tight end and linebacker Michael Freeman. "We don't get down on ourselves. We know that as long as there's time on the clock, there's still a chance that we can win and that we've got to give our all at all times."

Callaway and Benedictine tee it up Friday night at 7:30 p.m. Eastern in Savannah...

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