WTVM Editorial 12/2/16: Body armor works

WTVM Editorial 12/2/16: Body armor works

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Thank goodness Columbus Police Officer Joshua McQuien was wearing his body armor when he was shot during a home burglary on Hilton Avenue in October.

Thank goodness Columbus requires officers wear their vests on the job.

The bullet didn't penetrate Officer McQuien's vest. But a police officer never knows when he or she might find themselves in an armed confrontation.

Unfortunately, it happens more often than we may know, so being prepared is essential.

Police officers run toward danger not away from it because that's their job. Officers must react to criminals who don't play by any rules, so a vest is a vital protection against the unknown. It's easy for an armed suspect to pull a weapon and simply fire while the officer may still be assessing the threat.

We hope officers in every jurisdiction always wear their body armor, which has saved thousands of officers lives.

The manufacturer of Columbus' body armor, a company called Point Blank, regularly posts stories of officers saved by their products. An executive with Point Blank made a special trip to Columbus to give Officer McQuien a new vest in a special ceremony to honor the officer's bravery.

True, it's great public relations for that company, but their body armor worked.

Reminding officers to always wear their vest, every shift, every day is the most important message of all.


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