Comedian Jeff Foxworthy buys groceries for GA mother of 3

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - You might be in Georgia if you spot Jeff Foxworthy at a grocery store.

But you might also be Robin McFadden, who says the famous comedian paid for her groceries as she fumbled through her coupons at a John's Creek Publix on Saturday.

The mother of three says she was checking out her items and sorting through her coupons - and managing her restless kids - when the stranger behind her offered to pay for her groceries.

McFadden said she was leaving one of her son's basketball games with her kids when she stopped at the store.

"By the time I got to the register, the two small one were fussy," McFadden said. "I tried quieting them with some candy but it didn't work."

She says between her, the groceries and the tired kids, she didn't realize anyone was behind her - much less a celebrity.

"It wasn't until he said 'How much is she short?' that I turned around and gasped," McFadden said. "He laughed, walked around me, put his card in the machine and said, 'Watch this.'"

She said as she was on the verge of tears, she thanks him and gave him a big hug, and also took a picture with him. Her total? Just $25.

"I am so thankful for him," McFadden said.

McFadden said after she collected donations of goods to a family in need last week, the gracious gesture from Foxworthy may have been good karma.

"The kids were restless and look who was behind me. He paid for my order when I wasn't looking! I love ? Jeff Foxworthy!" McFadden wrote on Facebook.

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