Columbus woman recovering after hit by vehicle while running

Columbus woman recovering after hit by vehicle while running

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus police are investigating after a female pedestrian was struck by a vehicle on Sunday, Dec. 4 at about 9:22 a.m.

Officials say the pedestrian was running northwest on the Fall Line Trace and the driver of the vehicle was traveling southeast on Warm Springs Road Connector.

The driver said he was approaching Milgen Road near the pedestrian crosswalk at the time of the collision. He stated he looked both ways and did not see a pedestrian, so he continued to travel towards Milgen Road.

The driver said as he crossed the path, the pedestrian darted out in front of him. He said she rolled onto his hood and rolled off on the driver's side, where she fell on the asphalt.

A witness said he was in the left lane behind the driver when he saw the pedestrian run into the roadway without activating the crosswalk sign. The witness also said there was limited sight distance to see the pedestrian approaching, and he didn't believe the driver would have had enough time to stop.

During the investigation, police discovered the crosswalk activation switch at the scene was inoperative. Additionally, police said the pedestrian was wearing ear buds at the time of the accident.

The pedestrian sustained a large gash to the left side of her forehead and a bruise to her left eye socket. She also told police she had no recollection of the accident, only that she was jogging on the trail.

The driver was uninjured during the collision, and the vehicle did not sustain any visible damage.

The pedestrian was found in violation of the city's rails-to-trails ordinance, but was not cited.

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