Barber’s Driving School launches PRAAAY campaign

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Youth and police relationships were big talkers for Columbus law enforcement and administrators with the Barber's Driving School on Monday.

The agencies are teaming up to kickstart a campaign later this week called PRAAAY, which stands for "Protecting Relationships Among Authority, Adults and Youth."

The campaign will teach young drivers how to respond to law enforcement in a variety of situations, with a big emphasis on how to react during a traffic stop.

Program leaders say they decided to form the program after situations of police clashing with teens gained national attention this past year.

"There's a lot of myths about what your rights are and what you can and shouldn't do when you're getting involved in a traffic stop or if you're being served for a felony warrant," said school president Al Barber. "We like to make sure that the teens understand what their rights are. )

The program will launch this Wednesday at Northside High School and organizers hope to reach every Muscogee County high school within the upcoming year.

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