Candidates for Muscogee Co. sheriff make last-minute push for votes, gain crucial endorsements

Candidates for Muscogee Co. sheriff make last-minute push for votes, gain crucial endorsements

Columbus, GA (WTVM) - In less than 24 hours, citizens of Columbus will find out who will be Sheriff of Muscogee County. 

The runoff election between incumbent John Darr and opponent Donna Tompkins will be decided as both candidates make last-minute pushes for votes. 

Both Tompkins and Darr received endorsements Monday from well-known public figures in the Columbus area. 

City Councilman Glenn Davis endorsed Tompkins, calling for voters to bring change to the Sheriff's office, citing, in part, Darr's lawsuit against city leaders over his budget.

Over on the other side, former independent candidate for sheriff Pam Brown put her support behind Darr, the two-term incumbent.

The candidates say they hope these endorsements will motivate voters to cast their ballots, as neither of them got the majority vote to win in the Nov. 8 General Election. That day, Tompkins got 44 percent of the vote, while Darr 32 percent of the vote.

Tompkins and Darr said they both feel like they have momentum on their side. 

"In any race," Tompkins said. "You're going to have supporters one way or another. But overwhelmingly, to me, I think that's what the feeling of the community is that it's time for change."

In addition, Tompkins said she believes the community is ready for top officials in the Sheriff's Office to "get back to the business of governing."

Darr said he's counted on the support of "very motivated, enthusiastic support among the voters" throughout the election process. 

"I consider myself very lucky that I have the support of a number of individuals throughout this community," he said. 

Tompkins also received an endorsement from former opponent, republican Sheriff candidate Mark Lajoye.  Former candidate Pam Brown also weighed in on the race.

"I will support John Darr on Dec.6th in hopes of continuing my fight as well to make the community and Sheriffs Dept a better agency," said Brown in a written statement.

The Muscogee County Elections Office reported that, from Nov 28 to Dec 2, 3,735 people went to vote in person. 

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