Will the sheriff's lawsuit against Columbus continue?

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Now that a new sheriff is in town, Muscogee County taxpayers are wondering what will happen to the lingering 2014 lawsuit filed by outgoing Sheriff John Darr against the City of Columbus and a host of city leaders, including Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

Attorneys say the case will likely be dismissed. Sheriff-elect Donna Tompkins, who unseated Darr in a 51.7 to 48.3 percent vote in Tuesday's runoff election, has the authority to decide what happens going forward.

"I have no plans to pursue the case," said Tompkins during an interview Wednesday afternoon.

Darr filed the suit two years ago, claiming his department received a reduced, inadequate budget for the fiscal year 2015 from the mayor and council compared to the previous year.

The defendants maintained the city council acted within its legal discretion as outlined in the city ordinance to issue budgets based on available funds.

In August 2016, the third judge to oversee the case dismissed most of Darr's claims.

Another similar lawsuit as Darr's filed by outgoing Superior Court Clerk Linds Pierce is also expected by dismissed as was unseated in May during her reelection bid.

Cases from two more plaintiffs are still pending by Marshal Greg Countryman and Municipal Court Clerk Vivian Creighton Bishop, who both held on to their positions in May.

None of the cases have been heard in court to this point, only motions.

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