VIDEO: AL man coordinates extreme proposal with help of police

MOBILE, AL (WTVM) - It wasn't a shotgun wedding, but it did involve service-issued handguns, a motorcycle club, and one very surprised girlfriend in a video that's gone viral.

Daiwon Mcpherson, a Mobile tattoo artist and motorcycle enthusiast, enlisted the help of his fellow bikers and a few members of the Mobile, AL Police Department to propose to his girlfriend, Shawna Blackmon.

The proposal happened at a gas station in Mobile Friday night.

The couple parks to fill up when multiple squad cars pull up to the gas station. Officers jump out, with the lights and sirens still going, their inactive stun guns that look like ACTUAL service-issued weapons were drawn and tell Mcpherson to get on the ground.

Blackmon tries to de-escalate the situation as Mcpherson goes into his jacket pocket as they ask to get his gun from him. She initially told police that she was Mcpherson's wife.

Instead of a gun, Mcpherson pulls out an engagement ring, as onlookers applaud and cheer.

During the proposal, Mcpherson appears to give a heartfelt apology for things he's done during their past and hopes for a better future with his love.

Blackmon says yes - perhaps it's all of the flashing lights and the shock of a proposal that involved the police. Mcpherson gives a big shout-out to the police department and he says he's planned the proposal all day.

Many people aren't fans of the proposal, but thousands of views show support for the couple.

You can watch the proposal here. WARNING: Strong language can be heard at the beginning of this video. 

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