Special Victims Unit-Sex Crimes Unit recognized by GBI

Special Victims Unit-Sex Crimes Unit recognized by GBI

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It can be a daunting task, but a unit at the Columbus Police Department is being recognized for their efforts to put those who prey on children behind bars.

In the last three months, the Special Victims Unit-Sex Crimes Unit has put 19 people in jail for either trying to recruit children to have sex or downloaded child pornography on their computers.

During the final quarterly meeting, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations presented the unit with an award for the most arrests for Internet Crimes against children in the state.
The unit has conducted "special operations" that have resulted in the arrests of suspects.

Detective Amanda Hogan with the sex crimes unit was also named as the December Officer of the Month for her case work and arrests on internet crimes against children.

"We have to be very proactive to catch these sexual deviance that are out here. So it's definitely something that goes unnoticed a lot," said Det. Hogan.

"We have been due diligent with our chats and using the technology that has been given to us for this investigation and it's been to the benefit of our good," said Lt. Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick. 

Kerry Williams is the most recent arrest in Columbus for the unit. He is charged with  ten counts of Sexual Exploitation Of children during an internet child sex crime investigation. 

The unit say this award was a surprise and they thank all the detectives for their hard work.

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