Students, friends, family honor David Pollard with annual 'Cuts for Christmas'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Eight months ago, the Carver High School community lost their baseball coach during a tragic car accident, but his name will live on through those he inspired and mentored.

A tradition David Pollard started two years ago will continue to help several students go into the holiday break with a new look by continuing "Cuts for Christmas."

Barbers from Overflow Barbershop gave haircuts to students for free at the school Monday. The purpose of the event is to help students in need and reward those who exceeded expectations in the classroom.
Pollard's family and friends say he always wanted his students and baseball players to look their best in class and on the baseball field.

"David wasn't doing any of these things for himself. He was doing for others. That's what matters," said Sandra Render.

"I was his barber also. He wanted to give kids the opportunity for them to look good and feel good," said Kwame Holt with Overflo Barbershop.

Pollard was killed in a car accident in April by a driver in a stolen car.  It happened not long after he left the high school to run an errand.

Pollard's family says they're happy with the progress the case has made after a 19-year-old William Cross was arrested but they are still trying to find closure with losing their loved one.

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