AMC becomes largest theater chain in US after buyout over Carmike approved

(WTVM) - Federal regulators have given official approval to AMC to buy Carmike Cinemas.

The deal worth $1.2 billion was approved Tuesday night in Kansas City, MO, making AMC the largest movie theater chain in the United States.

The Department of Justice says the approval hinges on AMC selling theaters in 15 cities including some in Alabama and Georgia where it competes with Carmike.

AMC released the following statement Thursday evening:

"AMC is retaining approximately 98% of all Carmike associates nationwide, and there are no theatre closures planned as part of the acquisition. However, and unfortunately, it is simply impractical to maintain two corporate headquarters located hundreds of miles away from each other. The work that had been performed in Columbus will eventually be performed at AMC's headquarters in Kansas, where AMC is actively recruiting for employee talent. All Carmike associates were offered, and continue to have, the opportunity to apply for open positions with AMC, and more than a dozen Carmike headquarters employees and district managers have already accepted positions with AMC."

The deal gives AMC more than 600 theaters across the nation.

Carmike is based in Columbus, GA and has 271 theaters with a combined 2,917 screens in 41 states.

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