Columbus automotive shop suggests car care tips for winter weather

Under hood of car (Source: WTVM)
Under hood of car (Source: WTVM)
Tires of car (Source: WTVM)
Tires of car (Source: WTVM)

(WTVM) - As the winter weather approaches, harsh temperatures can take a toll for the worst on your car if you aren't prepared.

The owner of White's Automotive in Columbus, Harold White said there are three main areas to focus on to ensure your car can withstand winter temperatures.

"If you have ice on the windshield don't turn the wipers on," said White, as the frozen water can damage or possibly break your wipers. "Get the water defrosted before you turn the wipers on so it doesn't tear them up."

When it comes to defrosting your vehicle, White said the most effective way to melt the ice off of your windshield is by running your car. Within five to ten minutes the ice should be properly melted enough for visibility.

White cautioned the use of hot water being poured on your windshield because you could cause the windshield to crack.

Along with taking care of your windshield, checking your car's battery and tires are crucial for winter car care according to White.

"Most cars have a tire pressure monitoring system," said White, but to be safe make sure to physically check tire pressure regularly.

White explained with fluctuating temperatures, the air causes tire pressure to expand and contract, which often triggers tire pressure alerts in winter.

Tire tread should also be checked to ensure your tires can function with hazardous conditions on the roads such as ice or snow.

White said all three of these areas can be checked at White's Automotive Center or at a local automotive shop.

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