VIDEO: Virginia teen tackles A.D.D. in powerful spoken word poem

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (WTVM) - A Virginia teen took a creative writing assignment and made a powerful spoken word poem meant to shatter the stigmas around attention-deficit disorder.

For her assignment, Jenah Creecy said she wasn't given a prompt, but was sparked by a friend's suggestion to write about herself.

"I struggled to find a topic to write about. Being someone with A.D.D., I procrastinated until the last minute to write it," Creecy said. "I was asking one of my friends about what I should write about and the friend chastised me for waiting until the last second, and I started to explain to him that sometimes I really couldn't help it because of my A.D.D. and that's when the idea came to me, so I wrote the poem."

So the Advanced Placement student at Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach, VA wrote her poem and posted her oration on Facebook on Nov. 30. In her poem, she talked about being diagnosed with A.D.D. as a teen and going before to drawing doodles on her homework when she was younger.

"It's hard because my teachers are used to these really quick thinkers as students, and I have to work about 10 times harder than everyone else to have the same grades as them, and I think my teachers forget that sometimes," Jenah said.

Since she made her post, Jenah's post has been well-received, and she says it's given her teachers a chance to see what she's fighting through to stay at the top of her class.

The self-described perfectionist says she didn't want her struggle with A.D.D. to define her work ethic. By the way, Jenah got an A on her project.

"But ever since I wrote the poem and some of them saw it, they've become a lot more understanding to not just me, but other kids with A.D.D. in my school as well.

According to National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 2 million teens in the U.S. are diagnosed with A.D.D. or ADHD.

To watch Jenah's full video, watch it below.

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