Muscogee Co. sheriff-elect prepares for transition, plans to dismiss lawsuit vs. city

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Muscogee County Sheriff's Office will welcome it's newly elected leader next week.

Donna Tompkins, who won the Dec. 6 runoff election against John Darr, steps into the role Jan. 3.

Tompkins said she has spent the last couple days taking training courses before she officially becomes Muscogee County's Sheriff and building a staff to take care of her priorities.

At the top of her list, once she's sworn in, is to speak with attorneys and draw up orders to dismiss the lawsuit her predecessor, John Darr, filed against the city in 2014. Darr filed the suit citing what he felt was a considerably reduced fiscal budget for 2015.

Tompkins said she's focused and ready to look at every facet of the department, but she can't officially start to dismiss the lawsuit until she's sworn in. 

"Now it's more just a matter of making sure that I get everything done," Tompkins said. "I think I've said this before - administratively, everything is on me at this moment to try and think about what I need to do."

Part of that administrative responsibility, she said, will be is delegating duties to other members of the department. Even with 20 years of experience working with the Sheriff's Office, she said, she wants to entrust those who have more experience in certain areas. 

Throughout the first year of her administration, Tompkins said she will have time to complete her sheriff's training with the Georgia Sheriff's Association.

She also plans to closely look at the current contracts the department has with several vendors. As for those who will be a part of her new administration, Tompkins said she also won't be able to name anyone until Jan. 3.

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