New loans available to help Historic Columbus homes

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Historic Columbus has announced two new loan programs to help restore Historic Houses in Columbus.

Though the Save Me a Place capital campaign and a program-related investment, or PRI, Historic Columbus has developed a larger facade loan program and a new rehabilitation loan program.

This expansion allows Historic Columbus to help families in older homes improve their houses by providing facade loans up to $15,000 for exterior improvements and one hundred thousand dollars for more intensive restoration work.

"It makes owning a historic home you know part of our community, our culture, how our town was developed originally, it maintains our integrity of our city and the housing stock that we've got," said Justin Krieg, director of Historic Columbus. "It also helps maintain our in-town neighborhoods which are vitally important to the economic success of the community."

The previous amount available for a facade loan for exterior improvements was only $5,000.

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