AL city hosts slightly awkward NYE celebration with 'nut drop'

AL city hosts slightly awkward NYE celebration with 'nut drop'

DOTHAN, AL (WTVM) - Festivities turned out nuttier than expected at one New Year's Eve celebration.

Dothan, AL held its inaugural countdown in the downtown area to ring in the new year, with events and activities for both adults and kids.

The city is also known as the "Peanut Capital of the World," so it was only fitting that 2017 was welcomed with a gigantic Peanut Drop. The photo, originally posted on the Dothan Downtown Facebook page, was later taken down. But not before the photos were saved and shared among Dothan residents.

Alas, 2016 just had to throw one last crunch into the party mix. A large balloon net with, ahem, a mildly phallic shape next to the gigantic peanut accidentally overshadowed the hoopla for a bit.

Talk about feeling like a goober.

Even though many people cracked up over the incident, the city was able to pull off a fun and truly unforgettable celebration as they bid farewell to the old and welcomed the new.

For the record, here's what the balloon net looked like from a different angle:

Next time though, maybe pass on the nuts.


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