New laws take effect in Georgia in 2017

New laws take effect in Georgia in 2017

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's a new year and new laws are going into effect in the state of Georgia.

A new law affecting how you how much you will pay for fireworks this year goes into effect along with new changes when it comes to renewing your driver's license.

The new fireworks law is Senate Bill 360.  It's a law that allows an extra five percent tax on all fireworks sales. In all, 55 percent of that tax will go towards trauma care, 40 percent will help train and equip firefighters, and the other five percent goes to local governments public safety agencies.

Another change affecting folks in Georgia is House Bill 806. This new law says that instead of the expiration of driver licenses being five years, it's now eight years and the fee is now $32.

You will need one document providing identity either passport, birth certificate, or citizenship certificate, and one document providing your social security number. In addition to that, you will need two documents providing Georgia residency, which includes a bank statement, utility bill or rental agreement.

House Bill 806 also require the courts to report motor vehicle convictions other than speeding.

Georgia lawmakers will be back in session on Jan. 9. For a full list of the laws, click here.

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