Communities still cleaning up after overnight storms

STEWART COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Several parts of Georgia were in the path of Monday's strong storms.
Residents in Troutman, a small community right outside of Lumpkin, weren't spared as they woke up to a yard full of damage.
A Stewart County family says they have lived in the area for more than 20 years and they've never seen the type of damage they saw after Monday's night storm.

Quaneshia Freeman and her family heard the strong storms came through the area late last night with thundering and lightning.
After it was over, they checked outside for any possible damage.

"As you can see the carport was located right here. It was long nails inside of it but when you go over here, it landed on the light pole and bent the nails. It came up out the ground," said Quaneshia.

Several large trees were split in half and the Freemans lost power for most of the night and early morning.

The most damage came from a Tyson Chicken plant next to their home. Most of their buildings and irrigation system were torn down, and most of their tin blew to the road.

No one was hurt during the damage.

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