Some tax refunds delayed until Feb. for families filing earned income tax credits

(Source: Supreme Fast Tax)
(Source: Supreme Fast Tax)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - If you are relying on extra income from tax credits this year,  you can expect some delays.

Refunds for Alabama residents won't happen until Wednesday, March 1, and will be delayed in full for Georgia residents until Wednesday, Feb. 15 because of a law passed in December.

People who usually claim these credits rely on getting returns to help with personal expenses.

Supreme Fast Tax Manager Cedric Mitchell cautions people from using a tax professional that claims they can get them a refund at an earlier date.

"There are several things that don't change in the new year, the first thing before even saying they can get you a faster refund is tax professionals advertising you can get $3,000 per kid, and that's not how it works," Mitchell said.

When you go to file taxes this year, you can expect a longer process with more required documentation. Tax credits' Due Diligence have been adjusted more so than usual this year. Now to claim a school credit, you can no longer just bring in a school schedule - credits now require a 10-98T.

If you have dependents, you will need to bring proof of that by providing a birth certificate and proof of relationship.

Mitchell says with President-Elect Donald Trump taking office, some people are concerned about the future of their taxes.

"Any time there is a major change in government people are concerned that certain things are going to change as far as their taxes - things going away or new taxes being implemented," Mitchell said. "There's a lot of uncertainty but for the next year at least everything should remain the same."

The final deadline for filing taxes has also moved back a couple of days this year on April 18 instead of the 15.

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