Preparing your car for cold weather

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - There are a few things you need to know to make sure your vehicle is ready for cold weather.

Many are heading to the grocery store before winter weather arrives but don't forget to prepare your car for colder weather.

AAA found that when temperatures are thirty-two degrees your car will lose thirty-five percent of its battery.

Drivers need to avoid using their parking break because there is a chance it could freeze.

Pro Motors Manager Chris Greenhouse says if your car has a worn part, the cold weather will make it worse.

"Anytime anything gets cold it gets brittle and its rubber so the colder weather will make it if it is starting to chunk out. It will make that process happen a little faster."

Greenhouse says the slower you drive the safer you will be in your car when it comes to hitting black ice.

Drivers should make sure their battery is up to date and that there is no corrosion around the wires and when you are on the road make sure not to use cruise control as it can help you avoid sliding.

Greenhouse says that you might have something in your back pocket that can get rid of ice.

"A simple credit card or debit as the defrost is heating that glass up you can scrape that ice away."

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