Police investigating after ATV theft caught on camera in Phenix City

(Source: Donna Parish)
(Source: Donna Parish)

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Police are investigating after multiple four wheelers were stolen in the same area over the weekend in Phenix City.

Donna Parish says she woke up Sunday morning to go to church and noticed her four wheelers were gone.

"This was about two hours before our four-wheeler was stolen," Parish said.

Parish checked her security cameras to find footage of the suspects rolling off with her ATVs.

"We noticed the gate was open from the front door and my husband came out and saw the pin was missing," Parish said.

Just down the street on Woodland Drive, the same silver Ford loaded up two more four wheelers on the same day.

"They came in the back gate and cut the lock and the chain," said Christi Funderburk. 

Her husband Brad Funderburk got back from hunting to find out their ATVs were not under the tarp.

"Took two of our four wheelers, took it through another gate and out to the road," Christi said. 

Christi posted her pictures on social media to find out she wasn't the only one that was robbed.

"We've never had any problems at all.. it's really been a safe quiet neighborhood but I don't think they're hitting just our area… they're hitting all over Russell County and Lee County," Christi said.

The Phenix City Police Department said they are working with the victims to find out who is stealing their property.

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