Opelika now home to virtual reality station

Opelika, AL (WTVM) –  At some point everyone needs to escape reality. Now, you can escape one reality and replace it with another in Opelika.

Nestled away right next to the train tracks along 8th Street is one of only five Virtual Reality Stations in the country

"We give you the controllers and a headset and you go into another reality," said Garrison Snelling, owner of Envision VR.

It's a reality far from the rolling hills of East Alabama.

"At one point I was on a mountain and I thought I was going to fall off," said customer Charlsie Nacrelli.

It is a technology called the VR Grid that makes this experience more than a normal virtual reality experience

"It basically allows you to move in the grid where in some games you will be confined to a 2D game pad," Snelling said. "In our system when you shoot a bow and arrow you actually shoot a bow and arrow"

Snelling wasn't sure if his idea for the station would be a realistic one, but he says business is booming. People are lining up to trade in reality for virtually anything they can imagine.

"We have been surprised to see the amount of traffic," Snelling said.

While the technology at Envision VR is top notch, they have no plans of slowing down.

So what's next? A 360-degree treadmill to make the experiences even more realistic.

For more information, visit their official website at this link.

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