911 calls released of incident that led to Columbus man's arrest, death

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - New details have been released in an ongoing investigation by GBI agents into a man's death following an arrest by police.

We obtained two 911 calls made by Hector Arreola to emergency responders. Arreola was arrested on Monday, Jan. 9, then taken to a hospital and subsequently died at Midtown Medical Center on Tuesday, Jan. 10.

We're still analyzing everything in these two calls that have been released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

In this first part of the first call, Arreola is heard asking for 911's help, fearing he may be in danger.

911 RESPONDER: "You said your life's being threatened?"

This is still an open investigation into what may have happened the moment Hector Arreola was arrested and handcuffed by Columbus Police.

Stay tuned to News Leader 9 for more updates on these calls.

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