Columbus locals traveling to Washington for Trump inauguration

Chattahoochee County High school student, Danielle Edwards (Source: WTVM)
Chattahoochee County High school student, Danielle Edwards (Source: WTVM)
Barack Obama inauguration (Source: WTVM)
Barack Obama inauguration (Source: WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA - As the days grow closer to the inauguration for President-Elect Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, Columbus residents and students are traveling closer to the action.

"The first female president or Trump being the oldest elected president and businessman, it was exciting either way for me. Seeing that in person, either way, it didn't matter," said Chattahoochee County High school student Danielle Edwards.

Whether you're flying, driving or riding a train, a packed audience is expected for the President-Elect's big day on January 20. Edwards, along with fellow student Richard Sims, are among the thousands making their way to Washington D.C.

"It's such a cool experience," said Edwards. "You get to learn more about the American people, where we came from and what we're becoming. It's just a really interesting place."

Columbus native Alton Russell, who was a delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention, is also planning to attend the ceremony.

Russell has been heavily involved in supporting Trump for the state of Georgia. Russell said the presidential inauguration runs deeper than just a national tradition.

"The inauguration absolutely works," said Russell. "[This shows] that it does work, it did work and it's been working for a long time."

Edwards said more than just witnessing the inauguration, she believes it's important to understand politics as the foundation which American government operates on.

"Politics affects our daily lives," said Edwards. "Every decision that Congress makes, or the government makes trickles down to every person in America."

"That's an exciting thing that we have high school students that can see that," said Russell.  "We need that age group of people in the process and to get involved in that process."

Allen said regardless of your opinion on the who the inaugural ceremony takes place for, he believes America's presidential inauguration is part of what makes the country so special.

"We are successful, we are different," said Russell. "Nobody in the world does it like we do; nobody."

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