New 911 calls reveal Columbus man feared for his life before encountering police

Columbus, GA (WTVM) -  Revealing new details have been released from two 911 calls made on Monday, Jan. 9 by Hector Arreola.

Arreola is the Columbus man who encountered police that morning, and after being arrested, was sent to the hospital and died the next day.

The first call to emergency responders was at 3:40 a.m. when Arreola was inside a motel room at the Efficiency Lodge behind Midtown Shopping Center on Macon Road.

This is part of the conversation in that first call.

911 Responder: "You said your life's being threatened?" 
Arreola: "Yeah, I feel like I'm in danger right now."
911 Responder: "Ok, and is the person who's threatening you there with you?"
Arreola: "Uh, I'm not sure. I believe they're outside or something."

In that same call, Arreola tells the responder there may be more than one person outside.

Arreola: "Please hurry. Please hurry."
911 Responder: "Ok, and do you have a description of the person at all? Have you seen them before?"
Arreola: "Uh, I'm not sure, ma'am. I know there might be a group of people, or... I'm not sure."

The call continues for 8 more minutes. At that point, Arreola changes his request and pleads with 911 to send police to check on her mother, who lives on Moss Drive.

911 Responder: "Do you want them to speak to your mother and go see her? Do you want to just have them do a drive through the area?"
Arreola: "do a drive through the area, make sure everything's copacetic (OK), or maybe knock."

After 13 minutes on the phone, there's dead air and no conversation between Arreola and EMS. 

He then calls responders back at 4:55 a.m. January 9, from his mother's home on Moss Drive.

911 Responder: "OK, and what's happening?"
Arreola: "Uh, my mom's acting a little weird. I just wanted to make sure she's fine."
911 Responder: "OK, are you there with her now?"
Arreola:  "Yes, ma'am."

After listening closely to the second call, the same responder who answered Arreola's first call reminded him that when police showed at the motel, he never came out to meet them.

911 Responder: "Yeah, we sent the officers out to your motel room earlier, and you didn't answer the door."
Arreola: "I had to go. I just drove off, saw a window, and I just took off. I had to come check on my mother because, like I said, she's been acting a little weird."

According to the incident report, Arreola was arrested for disorderly conduct after calling 911 to request a welfare check for his mom.

At some point in his encounter with police, Arreola was handcuffed. 

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