Red Cross organizing telethon to raise money for GA tornado victims

Columbus, GA (WTVM) - With the extensive damage and injuries suffered after this weekend's tornadoes, the Red Cross chapter in West Central Georgia is helping the hardest-hit communities.

In addition to already sending four volunteers out to both Cook and Dougherty counties, Red Cross team leaders have been in touch with media down in the Albany area, including our sister station WALB, to organize a potential telethon and raise funds for the victims of this latest round of deadly storms in South Georgia.

West Central Georgia Red Cross director Adelaide Kirk said she still urges everyone to start donating as soon as possible.

"People can give right now, at any Red Cross office," Kirk said.  "They can give online and all they have to do is say this goes to 'Georgia tornadoes and storms,' something very simple, or even just say 'Georgia disaster.' It means it will be used for the operations we're having right now."

The Red Cross currently has three shelters open for families who lost their homes after that wave of storms in Cook, Dougherty, and Turner counties.

Kirk also said having this type of fundraiser will reach the largest group of people possible, and that means more people will help in this recovery process.

"Whether it's $1, $5, $10 or $1,000, it doesn't matter," she said.

Kirk said hosting a telethon would also allow volunteers to do a couple things, including purchasing the items and resources needed within the local economy.

"That's the best way to keep that economy going as they start to rebuild," Kirk said.

Kirk said the four volunteers left for South Georgia in their emergency response truck early Monday morning to distribute meals to anyone perhaps struggling to regroup and find secure shelters.

If you would like to help raise money for the tornado victims call 229-446-4038 starting at noon on Wednesday.

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