Columbus government makes final payment after controversial lawsuit

Columbus, GA (WTVM) - Columbus city leaders voted to resolve the potential final chapter in a controversial lawsuit between the former Muscogee County Sheriff and city government.

According to city attorney Clifton Fay, a Muscogee Count Superior Court judge ordered the council to pay this latest installment to lawyers representing former Muscogee County Sheriff John Darr.

Darr filed the lawsuit in 2014, claiming he was given insufficient funds by city government, for the sheriff department's budget in 2015.

One of the first actions taken by new Muscogee County Sheriff Donna Tompkins was to dismiss her predecessor's suit.

Fay, however, said he acknowledged this legal matter has taken a financial toll on the city's funds.

"Unfortunately, it's been very costly to the taxpayer," Fay said. "Hopefully, that's the final installment of the former sheriff's litigation against the city."

Fay said this payment will go out to three different sets of lawyers who represented Darr; the total sum is $54,000.

In the end, the city council voted unanimously that it would "amend" the city's fiscal year budget in 2017 to pay the $54,000 sum.

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