Columbus mayor creates advisory commission for new government center

Columbus mayor creates advisory commission for new government center

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson has created a commission to improve the city's government and judicial center.

The Commission will review existing conditions at the current CCG Government Center, located at 100 10th Street. The Government Center was built in 1969-1970, and was first occupied in 1971.

The building houses the CCG executive offices of the Mayor, City Manager and City Attorney and administrative offices such as IT and Finance, as well as judicial offices, county and municipal clerks, courtrooms, and the Offices of the District Attorney, Sheriff, and Marshal.

The Government Center welcomes many hundreds of citizens a day for jury duty, judicial hearings, marriage certificates and ceremonies, and other government services.

"This building has served us well for nearly 50 years," Mayor Tomlinson said. "It is tired and it shows. It is difficult to enter. The elevator waits are interminable and can't be improved further. The heating and air systems are shot. We have a trailer-sized portable generator that we too often rely on, which takes up much-needed parking spaces. There is no sprinkler system and the stairwells are not contained, meaning they can easily fill with smoke. This building no longer serves our needs. We must acknowledge that fact and determine what our options are for moving forward."

The Mayor has selected a 23-person citizen and stakeholder Commission, which will be supported by city staff members with expertise in fields related to the subjects to be considered. The Committee Member List is as follows:

Mayor's Commission on New Government and Judicial Building

  • Brian Anderson – Chamber of Commerce
  • Robert Anderson – Liberty District
  • Gary Allen – Columbus Council
  • Elizabeth Barker – Historic Columbus
  • Richard Bishop – Citizen
  • Ronzell Buckner – Citizen
  • Jimmy Elder – Reverend, First Baptist Church
  • Kenneth Followell – Senior Judge, Superior Court
  • Walker Garrett – Columbus Council
  • Lisa Goodwin – Deputy City Manager
  • Ann Hardman – Clerk, Superior Court
  • Medley Hayes – Reverend, Greater Beulah Baptist Church
  • David Helmick – Attorney
  • Skip Henderson – Columbus Council
  • Pam Hodge – Deputy City Manger
  • Isaiah Hugley – City Manger
  • Mike Massey – Security, Sheriff’s Office
  • Gil McBride – Chief Judge, Superior Court
  • Evelyn Pugh – Mayor Pro Tem
  • Ben Richardson – Judge, State Court
  • Natalia Naman Temesgen – Citizen
  • Donna Tompkins – Sheriff
  • Kirsten Zohn – Citizen

Staff Support

  • Angelica Alexander - Finance
  • Pat Biegler – Public Works
  • John Hudgison – Buildings & Code Enforcement
  • Donna Newman - Engineering

The Commission will begin meeting in February, with an anticipated report to Council and the citizens in Fall 2017.

Mayor Tomlinson says she envisions a broad-based, electronic survey and community forums in order to garner citizen and stakeholder input, in addition to technical reports, cost and financing options, tours, and speakers on subjects relevant to the Commission's considerations.

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